Year 2,

Issue 74 5/9/18

Princess and friends.  Photo credit: Duncan, all rights reserved

We need some workers down on Resilience Farm

Resilience Farm is a labor of love.  What springs from its soil depends on what we plant there, and how we tend it.

We need some writers who understand our growing climate.  That could be you.  Are you a Master Gardner, or a darn good gardener or even a small farmer?  We need your wisdom and experience, and your stories and pictures. 

Send them to

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Resilience is in the soil, and in the bugs, and in the weeds; it's in my farm and my neighbor's farm; it's in the cupboards and pantries.  Resilience Farm holds the hard times away.


I am Farmer Leo

I am your new editor, i do not plan to change anthing at first.

If you have nay questions contact us at the email above

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