Midget white turkey
By A.G

They lay 60-80 eggs per year. Unlike most turkeys the midget white turkey is small. Turkeys. They are a bit bigger than the biggest chickens. They were bred from broad breasted white and royal palm to create a broad breasted white but smaller. They are known for their flavor which is deep and delicious. They are also great nurturing moms. They aren't a very popular breed of turkey.


zmgz13fmzsto https://www.roysfarm.com/midget-white-turkey/

Turken ( again)
by A.G

Also called Naked neck and less commonly Transylvanian Naked neck
This well be more on their history and them being bred. They were bred in Transylvania which is in
Romania. They are not a cross between a chicken and a turkey they are pure 100% chicken. Recently
Scottish researches discovered that they aren't just a simple mutation but an imbalance of acid because of
this you can take a chicken embryo that hasn't been in or near Transylvania or a turken and inject the
embryo with the overproduced liquid and instead of having neck feathers that the mother and father had you'll have
a turken. They had a naked neck for easier killing and plucking. They are however a dual purpose breed.
Turken roosters have been known to protect hens with their lives and treat the hens great and be friendly
to humans. Turken hens are great moms. Different sources say different things about it some claim
turkens were bred in Germany, most claim variations of them being bred mostly in Transylvania and some
in Germany. Despite being bred for meat and having great egg qualitys most people keep turkens as pets
for their friendly attitudes cute faces and just how easily they get along with people. Turkens are a great
example on how not all chickens in a breed have the same temperament ( although it is still more likely to
get a chicken with the breed temperament)

Citations :https://antifragilechicken.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/transylvanian-naked-necks-have-history-
more-enthralling-than-the-legend/ ( This also talks about the persons turkens which I used to gather the

info on turken behavior with mixed behavior from my turken when I had them)