Dog jobs on the farm

by A.G

The dog has so many jobs some of them are not even on a farm. Of course herding but they guard and chase away bad animals. Dogs guard animals and people, and some even guard your house. Humans are being replaced by robots in some farm jobs, but dogs aren't they still have tons of jobs.  Even so would you rather have a metal thing walking around and chasing your animals, or a dog?

Dogs have hearing better than humans and have a sense of smell better than humans to they would easily be able to find out the person was there find the person and attack them. You should get a medium sized dog for they are not to big and not to small. Big dogs could attack better but they are unwieldy and kind of dangerous if you have kids. Small dogs can't really do much and can be killed by robbers more easily. All dogs have jobs, small dogs make really cute pets that make owners happy and they make it so that the owners can show off  They also used to be used to catch rats. Big dogs protect things and some also make good pets. Medium dogs do the same as big dogs and they make pets.  Medium dogs are also easier to get and cheaper to take care of because big dogs need a lot of food and small dogs require a lot of care to stay alive, I would imagine because something that small should need things to keep warm plus they are really expensive.

Go here to buy dogs: and here to find out more about dogs:

Sailfin pleco

They are a algae eaters they are good in a tank with aggressive fish. If you have algae problems there are a number of things to consider before getting a pleco. The sailfin pleco I have isn't mean but if you want to get to I should warn you plecos are territorial. If you have mostly small fish then you should get something smaller. Feed them algae cakes and please don't put algae treatment in your tank if you get any kind of algae eater. Warning: if you don't feed your pleco it could get hungry and suck on your fish which could make holes in your fish and hurt and kill them. For information on how to stop them go here: For more information on plecos go here:

Picture of our pleco.

Barred Plymouth rock
By A.G

The barred rock will lay all year round but will lay less eggs in winter. They lay a varying color of brown. They lay large eggs. They have single combs. Their skin and legs are yellow. They are hardy in winter and make good mothers. They are smart docile and calm. They are good for first time chicken people. They will live around 6-8 years but can sometime live around 10-12 years. They are good for eggs and meat. They are common birds. They originated in America. They are not good fliers. They are lovely in nature.

This Article is on a specific color of cat the black cat. Of course the black cat is bad luck right? Actually they are good luck they help with your love life and fiances. And already not everybody thinks they are bad luck in Asia and the U.K black cats are considered good luck by some. Cats used to be brought on board to catch mice and for companionship but also to guarantee a safe return home if a black cat boarded and jumped off that ship would sink. It was thought that witches and fairies could turn into black cats. The mutation that caused their black coat also made more disease resent. They have yellow golden eyes. They might have 2 different colors of eyes. Adoption centers won't let black cats be adopted around Halloween for fear of them being killed in a ritual and some still are. Tons of black cats are being abandoned be cause they don't look good in selfies. As a special Halloween treat I am going to tell you how to make a black cat costume.

How to make a black cat costume.

Step 1 get a black outfit (black pants and a long sleeved shirt)

step 2 get black gloves ( this is optional but it will make you look more like a cat )

step 3 get ears ( to make these get a black head band and glue ear sapped pieces of cloth to the black head and keeps falling down put wire in it and put the shame shapes to ears to cover up the wire)

step 4 draw whiskers on (optional but will make you look more like a cat)

step 5 put black socks and shoes on and trick or treat have fun!!.


Since you had to wait a while, I decided to put in treats for chickens in winter, what not to feed your chickens and why you should feed your chickens meal worms.
Give them extra feed warm porridge and warm water these keep your chickens warm. What not to feed your chickens: onions any kind avocados, potatoes, citrus, apples, tomatoes, eggplants, only feed  rice and beans if cooked.  No salty foods and no chocolate. To learn why they can't eat these go to
Why you should feed you chickens meal worms
1. a few go a long way
2. its protein
3. helps in molting season
4. you get more eggs
5. helps bedding
6. you'll like watching them
7. they'll love you more.
For more explanation go here  Now to talk about welsummers. They lay   4 eggs a week. There eggs color is chocolate. They lay large eggs. The most common type is red  partridge. There life span is nine years. They lay for three years. Welsummers are named after the village welsum.  You can buy welsummers here Here is a picture of our welsummer chickens 

Top left Cornflake the rooster and top right Cinnamint the hen.

Golden Barb part 2:

The gold barb is also called Chinese barb. They are schooling fish. You should have at least 5 gold barbs in your aquarium. They eat bugs worms and plant matter. If you take good care of them they can live up to 4-6 years. They are a favored aquarium fish. They originated in the red river basin in China Vietnam and Taiwan. They originated in fast waters so they would like to have a current in the aquarium. They are hardy. If you want to breed them get a separate aquarium. The habitat you need to have for them to breed is a big aquarium with plants leave the parents in there will be less fry but this would happen in the wild. Remove the fry before they freeze in autumn. They are less likely to nip at fins than rosy barbs. Do not put large aggressive fish with gold barbs. They prefer water temperatures of 70-77 degrees. Put in the aquarium places for them to hide. Do not release gold barbs or other unwanted pets in the wild they could damage and or take over a habitat that they there species wasn't in (plus let nature do it's job). Animals can't just go to the store and get food they have to find it on there own or die. Most pets can't go and scrounge for food (especially aquarium fish) so when you get a pet you have to feed it the right amount. Fish will eat whatever you give them so you have to make sure not to over feed you fish. You might just buy aquarium fish because they are pretty or because they can't be that much work but you should not do this do research before buying any pet they are more work than you think. Always remember they pets you buy have likely been breed for a while so they don't have the survival skills that line of animals used to so they require your full care.


Mobius, A.G's fish

Buckeye chickens

Buckeyes lay medium brown eggs. They lay 180 to 260 per year. They are rare but I don't understand why because they are a great bird. Their comb type is pea, their broodiness is average. They are a large sized bird developed in Ohio. It's a dual purpose bird but they are mostly used for meat.. They are cold hardy. They used to be popular in the 20th century before they became endangered. They do not have different colors they are just red and black.


Below is a picture of a buckeye chicken.

Chinese algae eater

By A.G

The Chinese algae eater as you can probably guess eats algae. The type that I am talking about is not the one you see pictures of everywhere, those are Golden Chinese algae eaters, the one I am talking about is just 'Chinese algae eater'. I’ve seen a lot of things that complains about them being mean but as far as I’ve seen in mine, it hasn't been mean. They are good at hiding, I rarely see mine. They can hide in a tank even if it has nothing but a few rocks (I know from experience). You might get frustrated cause you'll walk up to your fish and they'll swim away, but they love having their picture taken, they will pose. Try approaching them quietly and slowly you might be scaring them. When you have Chinese algae eaters watch them carefully to see how they are getting on. It's mean to put algae repellent in when you have algae eaters, because they eat the algae. Feed them algae cakes. When they run out of food they might try to suck the slime of other fish which could hurt the other fish.


I know I did black cat last week so today I'm doing just cats in general.

There can be many different colors and sizes of cat.

Colors of cats:

1. black
2. white
3. orange
4. brown
5. gray
6. different colors in different patterns.
7. gray-brown

Cat patterns:
1. striped
2. swirls
4. random splotches.
Cat sizes:

They can be big and fat they can be small or medium but no matter the size or color you will always love your cat (basically don't judge things from their appearance but their personality).

Cat personality.

They can be lazy or nice or mean or mischievous and energetic. Most cats people buy at shelters and sometimes feed stores and pet stores you can get cats here:

These are things you need to know before you adopt a cat:

Silver dollar fish

You should have 6 of them because they are a school fish. You will need a 50 gallon tank or bigger if you're breeding them. You will need plants. Everything I read says you should have artificial plants because dollar fish are herbivorous (only eat plants) and will uproot plants I think you should just re-place the plants. Silver dollar fish will eat strawberries (homegrown no chemicals non-GMO) zucchini, cucumbers, algae wafers blood worms, glass worms, broccoli stems and beet greens again ALL NATURAL NON-GMO NO CHEMICALS. Silver dollar fish will pair themselves, don't help them. Have plants in your tank because silver dollar fish lay there eggs in plants. Don't clean the water until

the eggs have hatched and you can see the fry (baby fish). When you can see them don't use vacuum aquarium cleaner, dip a plastic ice cream bucket (or other small bucket) in and scoop up water and dump it out in a bucket. When you have taken out how much water you wanted put more clean water in. Every time you clean the water check the PH level(you should research that).
Credit Below is a picture of Blade fish our only silver dollar fish.

Abacot ranger

by A.G

The Abacot ranger is a duck breed. They lay white eggs. The male has a blueish green head darker feathers and a tail curl, and the female has light feather and a yellow cream head and has no tail curl. There is a way to find out what gender they are but its gross and complicated but if you want to anyway then visit this site:

Now I don't really know how to identify ducklings but I've seen pictures and they are mostly black, even if you get it wrong they will still be a joy. We have only anaconda as far back as I can remember. To find out if the abacot ranger is the right breed for you go here: Credit: Below is a picture of a pair of Abacot rangers.


Bored breasted white turkey


Since it is Thanksgiving I’m doing a special article about a kind of turkey, the Broad breasted white turkey. The name says most of it, it's a white turkey but there is more to many animals if you look closely, but not to close or you will get attacked. The Broad breasted white turkey has shorter breast bones and more breast meat. They, like featherless chickens, need help breeding and they sometimes get artificially inseminated (too gross too explain). They produce  more breast meat, and there pins feathers are harder to be seen after there carcass is dressed because of the white feathers. They have a short life because they are bred for meat. Happy thanksgiving!

Rhode island white

By A.G

Rhode island whites lay large to extra large brown eggs. They lay 240 to 250 eggs a

year. There purposes are meat and eggs but they are endangered. The single combed riw (Rhode island white) looks similar to white rocks and white plymouth. They are calm. As a warning to everybody cuddle and attention them all you can, if you don't then they will be shy, in our case she's angry. To find if it is the right chicken for you go here
Thanks for reading

Pic of our riw Angry Snow


Usually I write about birds but one of my goldfish, Mobius, got fungus on his tail.

Goldfish are the classic pet fish but there are others and different types of goldfish:

1 Common goldfish
2 Comet goldfish
3 Shubunkin
4 Sakura
5 Wakins
6 Jikins
7 Fantail
8 Pearlscale
9 Oranda
10 Ryukin
11 Moors
12 Telescope
13 Pompom
14 Demekin
15 Veiltail
16 Eggfish
17 Lionfish
18 Ranchu
19 Celestial
20 Bubbleye.

To go to a site where it tells you how to take care of goldfish go here: Don't put your goldfish in a bowl. You must clean their tank once a week otherwise they'll get sick. Goldfish were bred form carp. They are native to East Asia. They have been seen with red, orange, white, yellow, brown, and black. There used to be golden gold fish, but only emperors were allowed to keep them. You can go to a site that shows you types of gold fish and tells you about goldfish:

Abondance cow

by A.G

There are many types of cows but the one I am writing about today is the Abondance cow. Cows are called cattle. They are dual purpose (that means they are used for meat and milk). They are a mixed breed. The bulls are bigger than the cows (the cows are females). The females are 130 cm . The common height of bulls is 170. A mature bull weight is 645 and 820 kg. The can withstand different temperatures. There place of origin is France. They are common. They are good milk yielders. They were exported from France to America the united kingdom, new Zealand, Iraq, and Africa. In Africa they breed it with N’Dama. Cows are a lot of work so if you want to raise and breed and milk and slaughter them than you will need to do a lot of research and have a lot of money things that are easier to keep and better are chickens. If you have cows, pigs, chickens, GOATS, and especially sheep you will need dogs you need herding dogs the most because you will need to herd some of theses animals. Farm animals that didn’t get mentioned but still need the dog (to protect them) are horses, donkeys, mules, ducks, and geese.

The editor's barred rock.