Hook bill duck
By A.G

Start ( egg facts )
They lay 100-200 eggs a year. They lay blue eggs. They lay large eggs. They do go broody.


Dusky mallard
White bibbed dusky mallard


They are very easy to tame. They are very quiet.

How common

They are rare in Europe and the U.S. There are estimated 250-400 breeding hook bills left.

How old

They are the oldest domestic waterfowl with a history of more than 400 years.

Other facts

They are good in all climates.

They are strong and good fliers.

They are good foragers.

They would fly off get their own food and return to their keepers in the evening.  

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By A.G

Icelandics are a chicken breed. They are good egg layer laying in winter as well. Their egg colors are white tinted or light beige. Despite being small chickens they lay large eggs. They are great foragers. They are very hardy. They can range all different combs feather colors and can even have crests on their heads, however they never have feathered legs or beards or even muffs or ear tufts. Their face patches are never red they can range from bright yellow to white. They are from iceland. They have varying personaltys and docile levels. Their uses are meat and eggs. Their status is threatened.

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Rhode island red
By A.G

The Rhode island red is one of the most popular chicken breeds. Their are two types of RIRss ( Rhode island reds) Production and heritage. The production will lay more with 250-300 eggs per year but often have vent and strain related problems and can get a stuck egg and die at 3 years. The Heritage don't lay as much as the production. They lay 150-250 eggs per year but lay eggs longer and don't get as many vent problems. RIRs aren't very laid back and are known to dominate shyer breeds. RIRs aren't very friendly to other chickens but extremely docile to humans. RIRs are great fighters ( my RIR hen beat three other hens in a free for all two of them were very angry mixed bantams one was a very mean barred rock). RIRs have been around for 100 or so years. They are a dark red color, they may have black on tail or wings this is called “ smutty “ and show birds would get points docked for this. RIRs are very good in mixs. They can be noisey sometimes espiically their “loud and proud” egg cluck.
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