American pilgrim geese

By A.G

They are a sex-link breed. Their auto sexing characteristics are colors.

Auto sexing colors:

Adult male: White pink beak.

Adult female: gray pink beak

Baby/gosling male green: and yellow pink beak

Baby/gosling female: green and yellow Grey beak.

( credit experience and sellers information )

Roys farm

talks a lot about Pilgrim geese of special note in this is their egg facts as well as rarity.

Egg color: white

Egg size: large

Eggs per year: 35-45

Rarity: critical.

Livestock conservation

is where I got their use facts.

Use: meat.

Citations: And Baboo ( My American pilgrim goose ) for giving me this idea.


By A.G

Please note I do not own these citations or definitions all credits for them are below them.

These past years I have written about poultry, chickens, turkeys, ducks, and non poultry animals.

This week I will be writing about poultry what makes a bird poultry? What all birds are poultry?

These and more I hope to answer. Before you read this I could be seen as over thinking but I am merely trying to discuss scientifically the definition of poultry.

First a look at he definition

“Definition of poultry

: domesticated birds kept for eggs or meat”

( Definition belongs to :

This however has a problem


In the Poultry category are chickens which are kept for meat and eggs but we also have chickens kept only for show so do they not count? This makes no sense all chickens are poultry but bantams? At the same time though they are kept for eggs all domestic birds are kept for laying hatching eggs keeping the breed alive then that would make all domestic birds poultry.

Back to it

Well that definition though technically true is far to broad so lets try another from

Poultry, in animal husbandry, birds raised commercially or domestically for meat, eggs, and feathers. Chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese are of primary commercial importance, while guinea fowl and squabs are chiefly of local interest. See also poultry farming.

Well this definition Certainly answers both questions however ending now would make it too short so instead I will attempt to find the most common poultry I will have a list below so you can guess before seeing ( if you want I cant make you) Also this is just for fun. This is not the kind of challenge where you inform me if your right and all attempts will fail since all contact platforms are broken.

List of Poultry






Guinea fowl.

Pork is the most widely eaten MEAT but the most widely eaten poultry is chicken the second most eaten meat

Elizabeth duck

By A.G

No this is not a specific famous or pet duck this is a duck breed. They have a low egg production. They lay medium eggs. Their egg color is white. They tolerate all climates. They are good breeders.

They come in two colors

1. Mallard type

2. Coffee.

Their country of origin is Australia. They are rare except in New Zealand and of course Australia. They are used for meat and eggs. They are a short stocky breed. They are fast growing. They are bad fliers. Their broodiness is average.



By A.G

They are an auto-sexing breed meaning that they hatch different colors allowing owners to identify males and females at birth. They lay extra large eggs. They lay brown eggs. They lay 200-230 eggs per year. They lay eggs from a young age. They are docile. They are so good in the cold they will still lay in winter. They don't fly very much. They are said to be one of this best breeds with highest coverage over most positive traits. They are not known to have health problems. They require many vitamins lots of space and clean enclosures.


Jersey Giant

By A.G

Male and Female jersey giants are docile and gentle.

They lay 200 eggs per year. Their eggs are large and light brown.

The jersey giant was bred using:

1. Black langshang

2. Black java

3. Dark Barhama

by two brothers named John and Thomas Black.

They rarely go broody. The hens sometimes crush eggs after laying or when broody.

Their colors are

1. Black

2. White

3. Blue

The blue Jersey Giant color was recognized in 2003

They are not known for being loud except for crowing, egg calls, and warning calls making them no louder than the average chicken.

Black Jersey giants are heavier than white ones.