Cayuga by A.G

They lay black-greenish lightens with age. They lay 100-150 eggs a year. They lay large eggs. The females do brood. They are endangered. Is the Cayuga right for you? Find out here: They are social and calm. They are hardy and very quiet. They are named after a lake Cayuga lake. Lake Cayuga is one of the lakes in the finger lake region of new york (the information to the left of this is from: They became popular and were named Cayuga. So Cayugas. Below is a list of the colors that I know of:


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Silkies lay 3 eggs a week. There egg color is either cream or tinted. They lay small eggs. They are broody. They are good mothers. There comb type is walnut. They have five toes. Silkies make good pets because of there calm temperament. If you breed a silkie with a naked neck (turken) you will get a show girl (picture below). They originated in china. They are probably going to adopt baby from a different bird or mammal. Here is a place where you can get them: Below is a list of colors of I know of:

1 black

2 blue

3 buff


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Welsh Harlequin.

Their egg color is white. They lay lay 240-300 eggs a year. They are used for eggs. Welsh Harlequins are excellent layers, but they are endangered.

The welsh harlequin was bred by Leslie Bonnet he bred two mutant colored ducks together. They originated in Wales welsh harlequins are good foragers. They are very gentle ducks. They love water and mud. They do not fly and can't swim.

Is the welsh Harlequin the right duck for you find out here: Even when they are very young you can tell their gender by there beaks the males have a green blue beak and the females have black beaks.

Cuckoo Maran

Maran lay 3 eggs a week. They lay large brown eggs. Their purpose is egg laying. There egg color is chocolate brown. They lay 116-210 eggs a year. They are not broody. They weigh 7-8lbs. They are usually quiet and docile. They are disease residence. They originated in Maran France. Here is a list of colors below:

1 Sliver Cuckoo Maran

2 Golden Cuckoo Maran

Picture below



Brahma by A.G

they are big but they won't hurt you they are very friendly. They are quiet. They are a show bird. Brahma's get taller. The Brahma originated in India. I am doing this article because my sister told me to. There is no reason to be afraid of them they are not going to take over the world they are stupid (I’m not saying they all are you might have a smart one). On the internet people are freaking out over Brahma but like a said there is no reason to. They lay three eggs a week. They lay brown eggs. They are broody. They weigh 8-10lbs (Jersey giants chicken weigh 10-13, but can weigh up to 20). They’re comb type is a pea comb. The better show quality. We had a Brahma named Shmoo she was cute and friendly loved to be held by her upside down loved to stand in water died when she was 3 months old. Below is a list of the colors that I know of:





They lay extra large white. They lay 4 eggs per week.  They lay 280 eggs a year, but they are capable of laying 320 eggs a year.  They are not broody. Because they are not broody the only way to get chicks is to buy some or to incubate them yourself. To incubate them you could buy an incubator.  There purpose is an egg layer. They are cold hardy. The originated in leghorn Italy. They live 4-6 years. They like to perch in trees. There tails stand straight up. They weigh 6-7lbs. Here is a list of the colors of leghorns that I know of:
1 White
2 Pearl white
3 Brown
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pearl white

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