Buff Orpington

By A.G

Buff orpingtons lay 3 eggs a week. They lay brown eggs. Buff orpingtons sometimes lay double yolk eggs. The older they get the more they lay the double yolked eggs.

Buff orpingtons do brood their eggs, and are great mothers. Buff orpingtons tend to be friendly, many people say they get picked on, but this is not always true. We have a buff orpington named (Hen Houdini) she is the lead hen in the flock. Even though she is constantly peck all the chickens, she still mothers the other birds, and tries to brood two of the roosters, Cooter turken (naked neck) and Grell (maran). Our buff orpingtons can be mean but from comments I saw on http://www.backyardchickens.com/products/orpington, not all are mean.

Buff orpingtons are a wonderful back yard chicken. Buff orpingtons have buff feathers pinkish yellow legs ad feet and a red comb. The hens weigh 8lbs, and the roosters weigh 10.

Here is a picture of Hen Houdini.

Naked neck
By A.G

Naked necks look ugly because they lack neck feathers but they are a friendly and love food. 10% of naked necks hatch with neck feathers.

Naked necks have no neck feathers so it will easier to pluck them, and so they are more heat tolerant. If you are looking for naked necks then go to this site https://www.cacklehatchery.com/turkens-naked-necks.html.

There is a pigeon with no neck feathers. Naked necks originated in Transylvania. Turkens are popular in France. The weekly is it right for you https://rightpet.com/breed-species/livestock-poultry/chickens/naked-neck-chicken.

I have 3 naked neck 2 hens, and 1 rooster. 1 of my hens, Masked learned to be smart but my yellow one named (Social) was still stupid and like chooks loves food very very much.

Here are pictures of all my naked necks, CooterTurken, Masked, and Social

Ancona ducks

Ancona ducks are rare. Ancona ducks lay blue and white eggs. Crested Ancona ducks, why do they have the crest? It's fatty tissue hiding a gap in the skull. Most crested ducks have seizures and other health problems. Here is a site where you can find out if Ancona duck is the right breed for you:


Here is a list of the colors of Anconas:

Black: The Black colored Ancona is white and black. Some can be complete black.

Chocolate: The Chocolate colored Ancona brown and white.

Silver: The Silver colored Ancona is silver and white.

Blue: The Blue colored Ancona is blue and white

Lavender: The Lavender colored Ancona is lavender and white, but it resembles gray.

Lilac: The Lilac colored Ancona is lilac and white, the lilac is light.

Buff: The Buff colored Ancona buff and white.

Tricolor: The Tricolor Ancona can be different colors.

For more information go to this site: http://worthitfarms.jigsy.com/ancona-colors

This site won't tell you about Buff Anconas, as they are quite rare.

Cook duck eggs like you cook other eggs with more liquid. Female ancona ducks will seem like the male when they young. The more aggressive one is the female, at least with mine! To get a lot of great information go to this site.


Rhode island red

By A.G

Rhode island reds lay 5 eggs per week. The rhode island red lay 250-300 eggs a year. A well feed rhode island red can lay 6-7 eggs a week. Rhode island reds can lay in the coldest time of the year. Rhode island reds extra large eggs. They are not broody. Rhode islands reds are one one the most common laying breed.

The darker the Rhode island red the better the show quality. They weigh 7-8lbs. Rhode island reds are extremely popular There are also Rhode island whites they are not popular. The rir (rhode island reds) have good meat.

Red stars
By A.G

Many people say that Red stars are friendly. Ours (Oranga) is not, but most of her friends sadly got killed by predators.

They are used for eggs, they lay large brown eggs. They lay 6 eggs a week. . They do not brood.

How to know if the red star is the right breed for you go to this site https://rightpet.com/breed-species/livestock-poultry/chickens/red-sex-link-chicken.

To keep them alive, have them sleep in your house or in a chicken house. Make sure the door is closed and the coop is thoroughly secured and that it has a roof and walls has no missing boards and no holes.


There are 7 species of wild turkeys. 2.5 million turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving every year.

The thing on top of a turkey's beak is called a snood. A wattle is the flap of skin hanging off the bottom of there head. When turkeys are baby’s you can't tell them apart from chickens. A male turkey is bigger and more colorful than a female turkey. Turkeys are a large birds. They are in largest in their ranges.

Turkeys could fly if they wanted to. Wild turkeys eat on the ground it might explain the myth of they can't fly. Only male can gobble. Male turkeys heads will change color. Wild turkeys could get in trees. Turkeys will sleep in trees. Here is a recipe for a turkey:


  • (1 12 to 14 pound turkey giblets removed
  • 1 bunch flat leaf parsley
  • kitchen string (optional)
  • 4 small carrots cut quarter lengthwise
  • 2 medium yellow onions cut in wedges
  • 7 tablespoons olive oil
  • kosher salt and pepper
  • 1 cup low sodium chicken broth
  • 3 large cloves garlic finely chopped
  • ¼ cup fresh sage finely
  • 1 lemon zest grated and juice squeezed)

Recipe found at http://www.realsimple.com/food-recipes/browse-all-recipes/roast-turkey-garlic-sage-lemon

By A.G
Enjoy your turkey day.
Picture of a wild turkey from Wikipedia


Java is coffee, and programing, right? No, it's also a chicken!

Java chicken lay large brown eggs. There is more than one kind of Java. Your thinking about getting a Java but there's just one problem, is it the right bird for you? You can find out at this site: https://rightpet.com/breed-species/livestock-poultry/chickens/java-chicken. When keeping chickens there is a high likely hood that predators will attack and kill your chickens go to this site:http://www.motherearthnews.com/diy/buildings/portable-chicken-coop-zm0z12amzmat.

Now enough with the sites. The standard breed java is the second oldest breed to be developed in America. Here are the types of Javas I know about:

  1. black Java
  2. white Java
  3. mottled Java

Java's information is similar to Australorps information. We have an Australorp (named Minorca) she lays large brown eggs, in information I found about Java's it say's they lay large brown eggs. Black Australorp and black Java's look similar.

Here is a picture of a mottled Java from http://www.mypetchicken.com/chicken-breeds/Java-B56.aspx


They are very good egg layers they lay 4 eggs a week. They lay extra large white eggs. Their comb type depends on the variety, they can have single comb or rose comb . Their skin color is white. They are not crested, and they have four toes. Minorcas are also called red faced black chicken. They have a type A personality (aggressive). They are used for eggs, because they are tall and skinny and not great for meat. Here is a list of colors of the minorca that I know of:
1. black
2. buff
3. self blue
4. white

We have a chicken named (minorca) but she is an austrlorp, because we thought she was a Minorca when little, because they look very similar when young.

To find reasons to love minorcas go to https://www.backyardchickencoops.com.au/5-reasons-to-love-minorca-chickens.



By A.G

Sebrights are not good egg layers, but they are cute, cuddly, and stick with each other. They are monogamous. They lay small white eggs, but only lay 60-80 eggs average per year. You can get sebrights here https://www.cacklehatchery.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=sebright. The recognized varieties are golden and sliver. They were bred by sir John Sebright. It took him 30 years to develop hens and roosters having the same feathering. There laced feathers makes them popular. There are other chickens that are laced. They are show birds. Here is a list of colors of sebright that I know of:

Buff (pic below)
Golden laced (pic below)
Silver laced (pic below)

Credit: http://s801.photobucket.com/user/syedovaisbilgrami/media/001.jpg.html.




Ancona chicken
By A.G

They lay 5 eggs a week. They lay white eggs. Their purpose is egg laying. They lay 160-180 eggs a year. Their skin is yellow. Their face is red. Their come is red and it can be single or rose comb. Their eyes are red-orange. they are rare, is the Ancona the right bird for you? Find out here https://rightpet.com/breed-species/livestock-poultry/chickens/ancona-chicken. Not all anconas have the mottled pattern.dane

Anconas are not the only one that have molted patterns such as speckled Sussex and more. Here is a list of Anconas that I know of:

1 Black

2 Molted. They are not the only ones that have white ear lobes Minorcas also have white earlobes.

There are three Anconas, the duck, chicken, and place. They are shy and flighty.

Speckled Sussex

Speckled Sussexes are a very sweet bird but they are so curious they'll walk in your door. Speckled Sussexes love treats and will be obnoxious about getting treats. Here is one of my favorite sites to learn about birds:http://grangesupply.com/chicken_breeds.html.

Sussexs originated in England, as you can tell from the name. When speckled Sussexes are young they look a bit like red chipmunks. Speckled Sussexes lay brown eggs, and Sussexes are good egg layers. here is a site you should: http://www.raising-happy-chickens.com/speckled-sussex.html. Speckled Sussexes are broody. Speckled Sussex isn’t the only kind of Sussex here is a list of the kinds of Sussex that I know about

1. Speckled Sussex

2. Buff Sussex

3. Sussex, which look like Colombian Wyandottes

Here is a picture of Farmer Leo's speckled Sussex, Specks.