Carrie's Corner
By: Carrie A. Blakley
Brace yourselves, I'm going to bring up the 'g' word. That's right, gardening. Yes, I'm aware that it's hardly the type of weather anyone will be out in the garden tilling the soil, planting seeds and tending to the weeds. However, during the Winter months, gardeners have plenty to do, outside of getting themselves knee deep in soil, fertilizer and weed remnants. Many gardeners are already planning this year's crops. On top of that, they're tending to their gardening tools, making sure they are clean, and sharpened, for use during the up-coming gardening times. Other than those items, you'd probably think that there wasn't much else to do, and that this chores can be taken care of relatively quickly. Think again.
Sharpening the tines of a metal hand rake isn't as easy as running each tine through a knife sharpener a few times. They have to be hand sharpened. The same process applies to sharpening larger tools, such as hoes, shovel tips, spades and various blades gardeners use. Sharpening the tools can be very time consuming, especially if any rust has built up over the last season, as the rust must obviously be removed prior to cleaning and sharpening the bare metal. Then comes the task of preparing any compost materials, natural/organic foods and/or fertilizers, and finally, caring for, and tending to, what might be left in the garden through the Winter months. For example, I swear by all that is holy my chives and parsley could be slammed with an atomic fireball, and they'd still live. So, I still have to tend to them when it's cold outside, lest they grow into a mass of green knotting.
The good news is that all of these chores that us gardeners tend to during the colder months are taken care of over a span of just that...months. We're in no major rush to file down a spade, or grind up some egg shells, save coffee grounds, pile wood ash into hurry at all. We have months to tend to this. So, we relax, and wile away our hours planning our new gardens, our new compost and get new ideas for gardening techniques. So relax. Enjoy the colder months with a nice cup of hot tea, and keep warm by a nice fire. Have a great, and relaxing, week!