The Original Cast of Henz won't be returning with us in the fall.  But don't worry, nobody is going to Freezer Camp.  They are simply finding new homes (part of the big surprise we'll be revealing when we come back.)
Top row, left to right: Duckie and Drakie (not actually chickens, believe it or not), Masked Turken, Petunia, Why-Am-I-A-Dot, Freezie.
Second row, left to right: Mini Mixy, Specks, Oranga, Socail Turken,

Third row: Sybil, CC, Minorca, Bronzie,

Fourth row: Littlest Member and Astarte (LM is top) Grell (before you ask, yes, he's named after Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler, and yes it's a perfect fit), Silverbronze, and Hen Houdini.
Not pictured, but still valued, is Cooter Turken, Mischief Chick, Pumpkin Spice, and The Big.

This is also in loving memory of Shmoo, (2016-2016) and Cerise Le Roux (2016-2017)