Baby Learns Human Anatomy

Pet Preference

Small Barnyards make for strange bedfellows

A nice set of legs is a young hen's best asset


I shall smite you with my beauty

Your name is 'Red the Red'.

Summer Memories

Hold your hackles, I'll be up when I'm up

Champion Debator

Lemme guess, you're presenting Resilience farm?

Ask her if she tastes like chicken or like the Easter Bunny

The Egg

But Honey, cute pictures to remenice

Quoth the Minorca...

Gossip+Ego= Hen Houdini

Legal Issues, and Divas

Oh are they?  Well, I got 'em from yo mama's closet

The New Flock

Snowy Day

Transition pen, my feathered butt

But you have a good heart

Contemplation of Posessions

Watching you

The Henz


Self Image

Wisdom of the Ancients

Oh, really?  Well you taste like chicken, Bronzie

The Fowl Optimism of the Young

When will we stop interrogating pedestrian poultry?

Wait, Sybil, you know SANTA?!

You, you are the crazy eyes